Michele Pierri

Hi, my name is Michele Pierri and I am a Software Engineer (see here my CV).

I love technology in general, and I love to solve complex problem and developing smart solutions.

I consider myself a creative so I get bored doing the same things in the same way. But I also have a strong sense of responsibility for things to do: don’t worry, I don’t leave work halfway. I am comfortable in innovative context where technical and logical problems are on the agenda.

In these years I gained experience working on microservices architectures, in CI/CD framework. The principal programming language that I use is JavaEE with Spring framework. I am interested on project management, in particular Agile methodologies that I use during work.

I love to practice sports in particular martial arts and futsal.

I get on the tatami when I was six and from this moment starts my passion for martial arts and all the philosophy behind it.

Now I am a Judo black belt and an instructor of JuJitsu. In the past, with my friend Mattia that’s also him an instructor, I worked as instructor of JuJitsu in a sport academy for children and adults (JuJitsu Pistoia – Team Angeli). Martial arts are sports but first of all discipline, they transmit to people many concepts like respect for others, honor, courage in choices, loyalty, sacrifice, use of one’s abilities for the common good. I engaged myself in transmitting these values to my students. It was a fantastic experience, but unfotunately it’s terminated because my work don’t left the required time for teaching at the best. In the future I hope I can start again.

I love playing futsal with my friends and for 4 years I was coach of a woman team of my city AC Quarrata Piastre. I teached futsal from zero to the woman players of the team and it was a challenging experience that required an important commitment. I remember this experience with pleasure that enriched my soft skills. I worked first of all on the mindfulness of the players, on the technique and athletic preparation of the players obtaining clear improvements in terms of these. I am thankful to Patrizio, the chairman of the team, that allowed me to take on this responsibility as coach.

…we should make the best use of our own energy to do the right thing, to respect others, and to build a better society for oneself and for others. The essence of the spirit of judo is contained here… Seiryoku Zenyo 精力善用 – Jita Kyoei 自他共栄 Yasuhiro Yamashita explains the meaning of that Jigoro Kano (the father of Judo) told.