Michele Pierri

Hi, I’m Michele Pierri and I’m a Software Engineer (see here my CV).

Technological challenges excite me, as well as developing smart solutions to complex problems.

My creative nature makes me bored doing the same thing in the same way over and over again. Despite this, my sense of responsibility is strong: don’t worry, I never leave work half-done. My comfort zone in an innovative environment is when technical and logical problems are on the agenda.

My favorite sports are martial arts and futsal. I got on the tatami when I was six, and this ignited my passion for martial arts and all its philosophy.

I am a Judo black belt and a JuJitsu instructor. Previously, I taught JuJitsu to children and adults in a sports academy (JuJitsu Pistoia – Team Angeli). Besides being sports, martial arts are also disciplines that teach a wide range of values to people, including honor, loyalty, sacrifice, and sacrificing one’s self for the greater good. I tried to instill these values in my students throughout my teaching career. Due to my work schedule, I could not devote the necessary time to teaching at the highest level. In the future, I hope to resume teaching.

I am a futsal coach for AC Quarrata Piastre and I enjoy playing futsal with my friends. Thanks to Patrizio, the team’s chairman, I was given the responsibility of coaching this team.

As a teacher and a coach, I have had many challenging experiences that have enriched my soft skills.

Michele Pierri

…we should make the best use of our own energy to do the right thing, to respect others, and to build a better society for oneself and for others. The essence of the spirit of judo is contained here… Seiryoku Zenyo 精力善用 – Jita Kyoei 自他共栄 Yasuhiro Yamashita explains the meaning of that Jigoro Kano (the father of Judo) told.